Sunday, 18 February 2018

Nope, No Good

I've given the replacement hose an hour or so and it is still leaking ever so slightly.  I could live with that but past experience has shown it will only get worse over time, so if I am taking one back I may as well take both.

Which means we shall have to leave our Blogging there for today.  Catch you soon in hopefully drier times.


With friends like this...

Welcome Back

Karen and Dean are due back today after their holiday back home to New Zealand.  Have a safe flight and see you at the bar later.

Southend News Network

A 35-year-old woman from Southend in Essex has been describing her shock after she discovered that entering her PIN number in a cash machine backwards while being forced to withdraw money at knifepoint actually does fuck all.
Michelle Garridge told Southend News Network that although she was expecting a triple SWAT stream and the 34th Battalion of the Coldstream Guards to come storming around the corner the moment that she tapped in the last number, the reality was that fuck all happened apart from the cashpoint telling her that she had entered her pin incorrectly.
Ms Garridge added, ‘There was a meme on Facebook, and naturally I assumed that it would be true because it’s was a meme on Facebook. Nobody ever bullshits in those do they?’
‘Thinking about it now actually, it must have been thunderbollocks because some people have PIN numbers like 2332 or 6116.’
‘Come to think of it, people with certain forms of dyslexia would inadvertently summon the LAPD at will every time they withdrew a tenner.’
‘To be fair, I was feeling a little bit tired when I first read it as I had just spent an hour typing a status that said, ‘I hereby declare under paragraph 54 sentence 13 of the Geneva Convention that I do not authorise Facebook to assume copyright on anything that I publish. Do not share this status – you must copy and paste it because law.’
‘I was also entering a competition to win a fully-featured motorhome as the manufacturer had a surplus of 100 units that they couldn’t sell, and I have my fingers crossed about a pair of Virgin Atlantic.. tickets and a holiday at Centar Percs.’
‘I felt like Rumpole Of The Bailey after typing that in so I knew it must have been airtight.’
A police source added, ‘If someone finds that they are unfortunate enough to be caught in this situation, we would suggest repeating the false information to your attacker in full as there is a 90% chance they will suffer an aneurysm due to the sheer fuckwittery of it all.’

Well Said

Any man who announces themselves to be an alpha male in public, isn't.
Layabout, one time traveller and on-going beer connoisseur (1964 - )

FA Cup Quarter Finals

Should Spur progress today (away to Rochdale) we face Wednesday or Swansea.  That has to be one of the easier routes and perhaps or best chance of a trophy in decades.

As if.

Leicester v Chelsea
Manchester United v Brighton
Sheffield Wednesday or Swansea v Rochdale or Tottenham
Wigan or Manchester City v Southampton

Viz Bits

Letterbocks – Take 5

Cold Calls

Wifey keeps her mobile on all the time, I rarely switch mine on.  I get zero spam calls, she gets a number but she has had a persistent caller (ID withheld) from a Thai network over recent days until until yesterday she had had enough and texted back to ask "who are you"?  If it was a cold caller they would not pursue as they don't bother with ex-pats.

Turns out it was Khun Alix using his girlfriend's number and he just wanted to let us know he had decided to leave Soi 93 early and had taken out a lease on a small outlet to allow them to start in the healthy smoothie business.

We wish both Khun Alix and Khun Ore the best of luck and hope to see them soon on the other side of the bar.  But how thoughtful was that of them to let us know they would no longer be working at the bar?  We appreciated it immensely.

Next Phase

Couldn't do much regards obtaining a new tube until Tesco-Lotus opened, which is 06:00 (yip, even in a Sunday) and was off at the crack of dawn.  They had several tubes in stock so I bought two of the most expensive ones, with different styles of nozzle (closer inspection revealed it was the bidet hose that had gone).

Got back, fitted the first and it came pissing out from every joint.  No amount of tightening could stop the leaks so tried the second.  This seems a little better but there are still obvious drips so I will have to go back and swap them for another two hose and hope they are better finished.

It's going to be a long day.


Switching the TV off around midnight and getting ready to read a few chapters, I thought I heard it raining.  But not the usual pitter-patter or thundery downpour, this sounded different.  And a bit closer to home.

I left the bedroom and immediately realised it was coming from the bathroom- a water feed tube to the toilet had split and its best Songkran impression whereby it was emptying water in jet propulsion style up the wall.

And up to the ceiling and then down the walls and all over our tiny bathroom.

I switched the mains off, dried things of as best I could and got to sleep around 01:00...

C & H

December 22, 1988

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Said and Done

Gianni Infantino – unhappy with “the amount of money flowing out of football” to agents. Infantino – paid £1.15m basic plus bonus, house, cars and a flowers budget – warned the culture “raises questions about potential misuse of funds”.


More Fake News

Donald Trump has been rated as one of the worst presidents in the US since polls began nearly 75 years ago, with his predecessor Barack Obama one of the most popular, a survey found.
Mr Trump was ranked close to the “terrible” end of a scale of 1 to 10, landing the third spot ahead of only Lyndon Johnson and disgraced Richard Nixon at the bottom, an Ipsos survey found.
Mr Obama was rated 6.15 in the presidential popularity stakes – only beaten to top of the “excellent” end of the scale by Ronald Reagan (6.29) and John F. Kennedy (6.56) in the ranking of presidents who served since the early 1950s.

Ha, Ha

News Thump

UKIP are facing a ‘serious financial crisis’ after being sued for making up a whole bunch of crap and then refusing to change their story in the face of actual evidence, in today’s moment of entertaining irony.
MEP Jane Collins made a series of unsupported claims and refused to retract them when presented with contrary proofs, resulting in UKIP facing an enormous and entirely avoidable bill which risks permanent harm – leaving some commentators to point out that this feels oddly familiar in some way.
The MEP was sued by the Labour party and lost – and the High Court ruled that her entire party must be held liable for the costs of her actions, in some curious way mirroring another reality where everyone gets to bear the costs of the entire party’s actions.
“It’s almost fractal, the way this pattern of just making up nonsense and roping other people into paying for the consequences repeats at a smaller and smaller scale,” said bemused onlooker Simon Williams.
“I’m half expecting her cat to shit on her rug and then somehow force next door pay for the bottle of bleach.”

No Fair

We have a communal washing machine and drier that anyone can use on a first come, first served basis.  It's a really good set up and we usually get to use the drier (for bedclothes, our balcony is really a bit small to accommodate) pretty much always as we choose to go during business hours and never on weekends.

Next to the machines we also have a drinking water dispenser which costs THB 1 per litre and is equally a valued service, which we use on a daily basis.

My point?  Why is it that when the washing machine is used by someone else and I am filling our empties with water, does their washing smell so good?  I have no idea which conditioner they use but it always ponks brill; far better than ours.

Early Close Rumours

There have been some persistent rumours doing the rounds about the army roaming the back streets in our district and getting bars to close at 23:00.  I am not sure how true this is but leaving the bar at such an hour is not a problem to us as we prefer an early start and finish.

It may cause problems for the tourism trade though and that needs all the help it can get as our high season is not as busy as usual.  Let's hope that gets better quickly as this country relies heavily on this area of income.

Take Five

Checked out both new Xbox games and got a 50:50 split; one ran while the other didn't.  Now I will go back to the shop to see if they will exchange and if they do, I will buy more as they have many titles not found elsewhere. 

If not, I will simply go back to my original guy and hope they have updated their back catalogue.

Viz Bits

Letterbocks: Bees

Touch Wood

Even our precariously overloaded Minix boxes all seem to be chugging along quite well and we are able to run things as we want without having to upgrade our hardware.  Let's hope that carries on for quite some time.

When You Least Expect Things

Just when we were wondering if we'd get our exchange rate, things feel into place and we got news from World First our transaction had cleared.  We've now sent over our payment and should receive our Thai baht by the beginning of the week.  Happy days.

Back Home

On a spontaneous whim, we popped out on Thursday to have a few beers back at our local bar, the Corner.  It was like we'd never been away and the lack of activity on here yesterday should be a clear indication of what a marvellous time we had.

It's good to be back- at both venues.

C & H

December 22, 1991

December 22, 1990

Friday, 16 February 2018

Happy New Year

To all our Chinese readers and friends.

If you're unsure of which sign of the zodiac you are, here's the skinny for you:

  • Dog: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, 1922, and 1910
  • Rooster: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945, 1933, 1921, and 1909
  • Monkey: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932, 1920, and 1908
  • Goat: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943, 1931, 1919, and 1907
  • Horse: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, and 1906
  • Snake: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917, and 1905
  • Dragon: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928, 1916, and 1904
  • Rabbit: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, 1927, 1915, and 1903
  • Tiger: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926, 1914, and 1902
  • Ox: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937, 1925, 1913, and 1901
  • Rat: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924, 1912, and 1900
  • Pig: 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947, 1935, 1923, 1911, and 1899
  • Thursday, 15 February 2018

    OK, Then


    Why do you get IN a car, but ON a bus?

    Bo Jo in BKK

    Our pal Louise works at the British Embassy here in Bangers.  She sent us this picture of Boris Johnson dropping in for a chat.

    The Foreign Secretary took the opportunity of outlining his vision for the Britain's departure from the EU (how is that relevant on his visit to Asia?) where he also said: “the right deal on aviation and on visa-free travel” would allow Britons “ever more intensively to go on cheapo flights to stag parties in ancient cities”.

    This blundering buffoon represents his country as a diplomat on foreign shores and he thinks this statement is suitable or it's a subject for joking about?

    I used to like Bo Jo and thought him nowt more than a harmless bumbling oaf.  That was before May found it wise to make him Foreign Secretary and now he is not just an embarrassment but he is downright dangerous.

    I'm not sure who is more at fault though, BJ for trapping off without due thought processes or May for giving him the role in the first place.


    Well Said

    Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there.
    Mickey Friedman

    Only in America

    Amazing Facts006

    Later than Expected

    I must have missed this but it was Shrove Tuesday on, erm, Tuesday.  Metro offers up answers to some questions you may have:

    What is Shrove Tuesday?

    Shrove Tuesday is always the day before the first day of Lent, known as Ash Wednesday, which is always 40 days before Easter.

    Why does the date change each year? 

    The date is always 47 days before Easter Sunday, meaning Shrove Tuesday is generally always between February 3 and March 9. The day when Easter falls changes every year in accordance to the first moon after the vernal equinox. This year Easter falls on April 1, coinciding with April Fools’ Day

    Why is it called Shrove Tuesday? 

    The name ‘Shrove’ derives from the word ‘shrive’ meaning to free yourself from sin. Over in the US, Shrove Tuesday is known as ‘Mardi Gras’ meaning ‘fatty Tuesday’ in French.

    Why do we make pancakes? 

    During Lent, Christians are encouraged to give up certain luxuries to atone for their sins. Flour, butter and eggs were common things to give up, so making pancakes is a great way to use them up, plus they act as a great vehicle for any other sweet or savoury treats you might be planning to quit.

    The idea is to get rid of any indulgences and fatty foods in the house before the beginning of Lent. However, pancake recipes are thought to date back to the Pagan times as a way of using up eggs, flour and milk in one dish. Some Christians believe that the four ingredients in pancakes represent the four pillars of the Christian faith: flour for sustenance, eggs for creation, milk for purity and salt for wholesomeness.

    Yet More Slaughter

    Another mass gun killing spree at a Florida school (17 dead, maybe more) but all we'll get is the usual baying of "guns are good, it's the people who use them that are at fault".

    Well, we can't ban people so what is the other logical alternative?


    News Thump

    Reading Festival consists of bands too cool for you to have heard of*.
    Because you’re either not cool enough or you’re just too old, chances are you won’t be familiar with the works of bands such as Bolognese, Meme Machine, Super Cigarette, Moist Lizard, Charlie and the Other Charlies Present the Charlie Charlie Charlie Experience, or Pork.
     “I guess my time of musical relevance has passed,” said a mournful Jay Cooper, 32.
    “I haven’t heard of any of these bands, to the point where I’m convinced they don’t exist and the names are just placeholders on the line-up until the Foo Fighters confirm their availability.
    “The only bands on there I’ve heard of on there are Kings of Leon, Papa Roach and Sum 41, and much as I have fond memories of screeching along to Fat Lip in my youth, it’s not really worth a £200 ticket.”
    Chirpy young bastard, Elizabeth King, 19, said, “Well I personally can’t wait to see all of these bands that are for me and not you.
    “Rats In The Cannon are one of my all-time favourite bands and I’ve been following them ever since they got together three weeks ago. They’re headlining the main stage on Saturday.”

    *Reading Festival line-up basically “Who the fuck is that?”

    Just Too Cute

    We have a number of portable speakers that we use to listen to music around the apartment.  Now that wifey is back on the balcony at her workbench for the next floor of her model, she usually leaves the patio door open and listens into what ever we have playing in the sitting room.

    That can be a bit intrusive if I want to watch TV or have my afternoon siesta and while the easiest solution would be to take a box onto the balcony, she just doesn't have the space.  All of our units are about the size of a shoe box.

    Out yesterday we were just window shopping and looking at some of the newer, smaller portable speakers and she found one that was wee.  In bright red, with all the required connections and a quick charge up time (2 hours), this little thing is about the size of a chunky fag packet.

    Giving it a quick test I was impressed at the sound quality and volume and wifey is already looking forward to giving it a test run later today.

    Oh, the Suspense

    With all the pomp and flair of a wet fart in a tin bucket, the ECB (English [and Wales] Cricket Board) announces, wait for it, the Ashes Test venues for 2023.

    I kid you not.

    Have a guess where the rubbers will be contested.  Go on.

    Aye, at the exact same venues that the Ashes will be fought over in 2019.

    So that'll be same, same at Edgbaston, Headingley, The Oval, Lord's and Old Trafford.

    I'm not even sure why this made the news...


    Today, For Real

    Inexplicably I have yet to even open my two new Xbox games to test them out.  No more putting things off, I will make sure this happens today and if all is well, I will be heading back to Seacon Square to look back through their entire back catalogue of games. 

    Deja Vu?

    Not sure if we have done this already, but here are the calendars for both MotoGP and WSBK races for this season:


    15-18 March - Losail, Qatar 2017 race report
    6-8 April - Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina 2017 race report
    20-22 April - Circuit of the Americas, Austin, USA 2017 race report
    4-6 May - Jerez, Spain 2017 race report
    18-20 May - Le Mans, France 2017 race report
    1-3 June - Mugello, Italy 2017 race report
    15-17 June - Barcelona, Catalonia GP 2017 race report
    29 June-1 July - Assen, Netherlands 2017 race report
    13-15 July - Sachsenring, Germany 2017 race report
    3-5 August - Brno, Czech Republic 2017 race report
    10-12 August - Spielberg, Austria 2017 race report
    24-26 August - Silverstone, Great Britain 2017 race report
    7-9 September - Misano, San Marino 2017 race report
    21-23 September - Aragon, Spain 2017 race report
    5-7 October - Chang International, Thailand
    19-21 October - Motegi, Japan 2017 race report

    23-25 February - Phillip Island, Australia 2017 race report
    23-25 March - Chang International, Thailand 2017 race report
    13-15 April - Motorland Aragon, Spain 2017 race report
    20-22 April - Assen, Netherlands 2017 race report
    11-13 May - Imola, Italy 2017 race report
    25-27 May - Donington Park, Great Britain 2017 race report
    8-10 June - Brno, Czech Republic
    22-24 June - Laguna Seca, United States 2017 race report
    6-8 July- Misano, Italy 2017 race report
    14-16 September - Portimao, Portugal 2017 race report
    28-30 September - Magny-Cours, France 2017 race report
    12-14 October - TBC, Argentina
    25-27 October - Losail, Qatar 2017 race report

    Viz Bits

    Letterbocks: Chimpanzee

    Still Waiting

    Despite a massive overhaul of our little flat back in the UK (new kitchen, new bathroom, new carpets and all new decoration) we are still without tenants.

    We have had a few false dawns but at the crucial last stage a problem has occurred to scupper the deal.

    I suspect there are not many folks who look to move accommodation over Christmas or into the New Year and we always figured it would take a few months but it would be nice if we could find someone before Easter.

    Here's hoping.

    Just Not Happening

    Having set our exchange rate with World First to buy Thai baht with New Zealand dollars we haven't had a sniff and we have had to change our order.  Even the new rate of THB 22.80 to the NZ$ is now looking a long shot so we may have to go as low as THB 22.70 next week or so.

    It's OK, we'll still have enough and just want to get everything transferred and sorted before wifey renews her annual visa next month.  Part of the requirement is to show you have the means to live here without working or being a burden on the state (quite right too) and having the funds in our account will comfortably show we comply.

    That Took Time

    Following our Minix box gremlins I have finally managed to solve the problem of the box locking up by tracing it back to the new hard drive.  In the end I have linked it directly through the TV and everything is now working without causing a crash.

    Their is a minor hitch in that a couple of the remote controls set off ghost actions (eg, selecting which A/V input with the TV remote switches on the Minix box) but we can work around that.

    Even wifey is happy at the solution as we have saved a few quid by not buying a new media centre.

    C & H

    Wednesday, 14 February 2018

    Southend News Network

    A pub owner from Southend has described how he has managed to turn a £6 lasagna into a £39.95 Valentine’s Feast by adding a pink tablecloth. 
    David De L’Arnaque owns The Green Sausage in the town centre, and he told Southend News Network that the simple table decoration was the sole justification for the 400% price hike.
    He added, ‘To be honest, if your partner isn’t willing to pay 400% on top for a meal out, he or she doesn’t deserve your love in return.’
    ’Make sure you add a bottle of Pisse De Gnat Prosecco as well for £24.99.’
    ’We have a range of house wines on the menu from £9.99, but anything at this price level means that he is probably saving his money for his bit on the side.’

    Well Said

    Follow the grain in your own wood.
    Howard Thurman

    Quite Bemusing

    Football gets sold for a squillion quid to the satellite brigade who in turn hold the nation to ransom in what must be one of the world's richest sports.

    We have multi-million pound transfers, crazy amounts of weekly wages for the gifted, privileged few and it's all run by a Mafioso-esque ruling body that puts trough-snuffling MPs to shame.

    Yet try and improve the game with the introduction of cameras, which have worked so well in many other sports, and we get squabbling and filibustering.  Try and stamp out blatant cheating such as diving, shirt pulling and play acting and you get myopic managers whinging on about how unfair the referee is and how many games the poor dears have to play over a season.

    But by far the funniest aspect in trying to better the sport is giving the ref a tin of spray paint to mark out 10 metres.  Fucking genius.


    Amazing Facts001

    Good Reading

    If you're a Spurs fan...
  • Tottenham are the first team to overturn a two-goal deficit at the Allianz Stadium since Juventus moved there in 2011.
  • Juve are unbeaten in their past six Champions League home games against English sides.
  • The Italian club failed to win a Champions League home game after being two or more goals ahead for the only the second time.
  • Before Harry Kane's goal, Gianluigi Buffon had not conceded a goal for 694 consecutive minutes for Juventus and Italy (last conceding against Sweden in November).
  • Kane has equalled the record for the most goals scored by an English player in a single Champions League season (seven), level with Steven Gerrard in 2008-09.
  • The England international has scored nine goals in nine Champions League appearances - the most of any player after nine games.
  • Dele Alli has provided 19 assists for Kane for club and country.
  • Gonzalo Higuain has scored four goals in his past four Champions League knockout stage games - double the amount in his previous 24 knockout matches.
  • DYK?

    About 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year.  This makes it the second largest seasonal card sending time of the year

    Match Report

    When Christian Eriksen stood over the free-kick Juventus hearts fluttered, and for good reason. The Tottenham playmaker had been irrepressible, lifting his team from an early crash that left them trailing by two goals inside nine minutes and driving them forward with zip and precision.
    It was the 72nd minute, Tottenham were alive thanks to yet another Harry Kane goal and Eriksen’s set-piece opportunity was central, a little under 25 yards out. What he did next had Tottenham’s hopes soaring and produced a result that showed they belong at this rarefied level.
    Eriksen’s strike was hard and low and it was directed at Gianluigi Buffon’s right-hand post. The goalkeeper had expected the flipper over the wall towards the other corner. Wrong-footed, the Juventus great could not keep it out and it is Tottenham, rather than the Italian champions, who have one foot in the Champions League quarter-finals.
    Juventus had entered the tie having conceded one goal in 16 matches. The last time they shipped two at home was more than a year ago. But after the nightmarish start Tottenham played with verve and personality. They hogged the ball and, when Mauricio Pochettino said his team had dominated the tie after the second Juventus goal, nobody was arguing.
    Eriksen has been chased by Juventus and he showed them what they missed while he was ably supported by Mousa Dembélé in a deeper midfield role. Dembélé’s combination of sauntering pace, immense strength and velcro touch is always a delight. He helped to set the tone. Juventus were forced back.
    Eriksen started the move for Kane’s goal, with Dele Alli supplying the assist, and there was a certain inevitability about his free-kick conversion. Pochettino said the Dane was a symbol of his managerial tenure, of the season-on-season improvement and greater maturity. “Christian represents our philosophy,” Pochettino said.
    Gonzalo Higuaín scored Juventus’s goals – the first a classic volley, the second a penalty – but he also missed from the spot in first-half stoppage-time. That was a turning point, a moment of fortune for Tottenham but, make no mistake, this was a richly deserved result for the visitors.
    Juventus’s start had been blistering and Tottenham felt the panic rising after only eight minutes when Ben Davies, having lost his bearings, lunged to clear a high ball. He had not felt Federico Bernardeschi on his blind side and he cleaned him out. Hugo Lloris got his fingertips to Higuaín’s penalty but could not keep it out.
    That was 2-0. The opening goal had come after 74 seconds and it was a horrible defensive breakdown from Tottenham’s point of view. They allowed Higuaín to run off Alli and on to Miralem Pjanic’s beautifully disguised free-kick – away from the main pack on the other side of the area. Higuaín had plenty to do but he watched the ball drop over his shoulder before executing the volley back across Lloris. The power and technique were irresistible.
    Tottenham faced the ultimate test of their character. They passed it in glorious style. With Eriksen probing for the killer ball and delivering more than a few, they felt their confidence rise. Dembélé brought further assurance while Kane looked menacing, although he was guilty of going to ground inside the area too easily on 17 minutes under Medhi Benatia’s light challenge.
    The chances came. From Eriksen’s chipped ball Kane was all alone and should have buried the header. Instead he put it too close to Buffon who saved. Buffon also tipped a low shot from Kane past the far post. Kane’s goal had been advertised and it followed a burst of trademark Tottenham pressing. Eriksen dispossessed Giorgio Chiellini and in a flash Alli had sent Kane through. He calmly rounded Buffon before rolling the ball into the unguarded net.
    Eriksen tested Buffon from distance but the warning signs were also there for Tottenham on the counter-attack. Higuaín worked one on the half-hour with Pjanic and, when he cut inside, he looked odds-on to score. But his shot flashed wide.
    Serge Aurier threatened Tottenham’s equilibrium with a reckless penalty-area challenge on Douglas Costa, who was simply too quick for him. It was another straightforward decision for the referee, Felix Brych, but this time Higuaín’s sights were scrambled. His penalty rattled the crossbar.
    Pochettino had preferred Erik Lamela to Son Heung-min on the left in search of greater steel. Tottenham showed it throughout the team although Davinson Sánchez and Aurier endured wobbly moments. It was Eriksen through whom they played and he had one of those games that makes it clear why he is adored by the club’s support.
    The second half was tighter, more controlled. Aurier was booked for a foul on Alex Sandro to incur a suspension for the second leg on 7 March and the openings were more scarce. Bernardeschi extended Lloris while Mario Mandzukic headed straight at the Tottenham goalkeeper. Enter Eriksen. Tottenham’s Champions League dream continues to bubble.

    Another Magnificent Result


    From 2 - 0 down in Italy to ending with a 2 - 2 draw against Juventus is something quite special and we have a real fighting chance to make progress in the Champions League.

    Juventus at Wembley on 7th March?  I must be dreaming.

    But prior to that we still have important games to come with a trip to League One Rochdale in the FA Cup fifth round on Sunday, a Premier League game at Crystal Palace on 26th February and a home match with Huddersfield on 3rd March.

    New Games

    There was also a games shop at Seacon and they had a load of copy games for the Xbox.  As ever with these kind of games you take a chance they will run properly, so I bought just a couple of titles that I have been looking for and if they are good, I will be heading back there to add to me ever growing collection.

    I need a break from Tomb Raider as it is becoming impossibly difficult and a tad boring to have to keep on fighting off the hoards of death soldiers and when you do get duffed up, you have to start clearing them off all over again.

    A bit of time away from this and I should regain my enthusiasm for watching Lara Croft dying in all kinds of ways imaginable.